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From drowned iPhone 3G to new iPhone 3GS. Here’s why.

With so many phone options out there, why go with the iPhone 3GS?

Apple iPhone 3GSRemember, I’m still not eligible for an upgrade for another 3 months, which means I have a smartphone plan with no phone to use it on.

Here’s my breakdown of my choices:

    1. Bite the bullet and cough up $399 for a new iPhone 3GS
    2. Terminate my plan early (~$100), and start a new plan with new phone for $199: Verizon’s Motorola DROID, T-Mobile’s HTC CLIQ, or AT&T’s Apple iPhone 3GS
    3. Get an iPod Touch ($199) with unlimited Skype subscription ($2.95/month)
    4. Use a cheap non-smartphone ($variable) + iPod Touch ($199)

      At the AT&T Wireless store, with Option #5

      I went to a local store, told them what had happened, that I wasn’t eligible for upgrade, and wanted to know what my options were. Well, the sales associate talked to the manager, and they offered to upgrade me early. Total cost? $199.

      Was that the only deciding factor? Nope:

      • I’ve invested in many desktop and iPhone apps
      • I’ve invested a lot in iPhone accessories. No, not just cases, but audio docks, etc. Since the 3GS shares the same dimensions as my old 3G, I know all the accessories will fit.
      • After reading several reviews of Android-based phones, I see that even the latest Android phones don’t have the polished user experience that I’m accustomed to with the iPhone. (The flip side is that I can’t customize my experience, as I can with Android OS.)
      • Skype-based phones won’t help me when I’m out of Wi-Fi hotspot range.
      • I use location-based services (foursquare and Gowalla)
      • I could restore all my files from my previous iPhone to the new one. No time-consuming setup required.

      I’m happy with the deal, and will look at Android-based phones again in a couple years, when they should be more mature.

      Would you have done the same thing, or taken a different path?

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