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British-American English slang infographic

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Why you don’t want to befriend your parents on Facebook/Friendface

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"Button for the internet" scene from Channel 4’s "The IT Crowd"

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1987. Whitesnake. “Still of the Night.” Some very obvious Led Zeppelin influence throughout.

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A bomb disposal robot running on Windows Vista… :O (from “The IT Crowd”)

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Friendface…a pretty much dead-on parody of Facebook from the show “The IT Crowd”

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Though it’s true that there are plenty of people in any country who don’t know the answers to these questions, I can say that I know plenty of people under 40 here in the States who wouldn’t do well on them.

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Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives: Red Lion Pub (Houston, TX). Love this place and its food. Props to Matthew C. for the link!

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I must be the last person in the world to realize that the hilarious Hugh Laurie as Prince Regent in the classic British comedy “Black Adder III” is also the same actor who stars in the current American show “House, M.D.” (which I still haven’t seen!). I’m pretty sure his doctor character isn’t nearly as brainless or funny as Prince Regent is in this video.

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