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Cathy’s House, perhaps Japan’s weirdest ever TV show

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Rowan Atkinson (and five others) as the Doctor, and Jonathan Pryce as the Master in this BBC Comic Relief skit, “Doctor Who: The Curse of Fatal Death.” Happy Friday!

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David Tennant (the tenth Doctor Who) and his lap on the BBC Top Gear test track

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Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood

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In case you’re wondering what to do with that old iPad 2… (via wired)

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"Movie: The Movie" trailer — Almost every horrible clichéd genre with stars on top

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Hilarious: Sir Ian McKellen on the art of acting, from “Extras.” Highly recommended.

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A website to help non-soccer fans talk like fans (from “The IT Crowd”)

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Extreme piracy warning from “The IT Crowd”

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Remember this 1984 Corvette commercial?

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For all you “Friends” fans out there

For all you “Friends” fans out there

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