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Cathy’s House, perhaps Japan’s weirdest ever TV show

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“We saw Hiroshima today — or what little is left of it.”

-LIFE’s Bernard Hoffman to the magazine’s long-time picture editor, Wilson Hicks, in New York, September 1945. (via mythologyofblue)

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I hope they make a Reluctant Hero 5. (via thefrogman)

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Rare Nintendo wood block print

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Wait what?

Wait what?

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In light of recent rumors and heightened fears around nuclear weapons — from rumblings of rogue nations seeking arsenals to the specter of terrorists acquiring “dirty bombs” — LIFE.com recalls the horrors visited upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki when the U.S. dropped atomic bombs on those cities during WWII.  Approximately 80,000 people were killed outright in Hiroshima; 60,000 more died of injury and radiation by the end of the year.

Pictured: A victim of the 1945 atomic attack on the city of Hiroshima displays his burn scars two years later.

see moreFallout: After a Nuclear Attack

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Classic Japanese ghost prank video for Halloween!

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Dare I wear this Voltron costume for Halloween?!?

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Poop-Powered Trike: The Toto Toilet Bike Neo, from (of course) Japan

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I’ve never enjoyed Happy Meals THIS much. (Props to Hanh N. for the link!)

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